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Installation, service, and maintenance of Cell Signal amplification equipment designed to boost the signal for nearly any carrier indoors and out! Our products amplify cell signal in parking garages, multi-level structures, apartment buildings, residences, and more. Our amplifiers work with most cell service providers and are 4G and 5G ready! 

Best of all, no internet connection is required!

Outdoor Antennas

Our Outdoor antennas are mounted on the exterior of the building or structure and aimed at a major cell tower. 

Indoor Antennas

Indoor antennas allow the amplified cell signal to be distributed throughout the home, building, or structure.


Our amplifiers are adjustable to maximize your cell signal amplification. The amplifiers can be installed in an attic or in a comms closet.

Service and Maintenance Agreements

Please see which of our agreements suits your needs

Each higher Level includes benefits of the lower.

Level 1

Starting at$25

Per Month

Warranty is extended to 2 years.

Yearly Inspections 

Discounted Indoor Antenna Additions

Level 2

Starting at$50

Per Month

Warranty is extended to 5 years.

Rapid Repair Enabled

Discounted Amplifier Additions

Discounted Outdoor Antenna Replacements