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IP Camera Systems

Our IP based camera systems are the best on the market. No other company can match our capabilities. From a simple residential small camera system to industrial scale and enterprise, we've got you covered. We can provide a system from 1 camera to 250+ cameras. Our camera systems don't have to be connected to the same network to work together, we can merge systems from around the world in a matter of minutes.


From doorbell cameras to fixed ceiling cameras. Wired, wireless, and everything in between. We have the product to fit our clients needs.

View your home cameras from your phone or other mobile device!


Our commercial line of cameras have a broad range. Our cameras are vandal proof, top tier cameras. Our Video Recording solutions are the absolute best in the industry.  


Our industrial ready camera systems can suit the needs of any industrial facility. From explosion proof cameras to high definition PTZ cameras, when combined with our Video Analytics, your facility will have the most advanced safety and security available.


Our enterprise solutions can carry over between multiple facilities anywhere in the world. With our Video Management System you can connect and view all of the cameras at multiple facilities on one monitor.

License Plate Recognition

Tired of pulling footage only to find the camera didn't recognize the plate properly?

Our License Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras are best in class. When combined with our advanced video management systems and maintenance agreements, we guarantee you'll never miss the license plate again.

Thermal Imaging

Our thermal camera line can detect heat sources from great distances. Our thermal camera capabilities can't be matched. With our multi-spectral and PTZ models, we have what your facility needs. When combined with our Video Analytics we can automatically detect the difference between a dog and a human and send an alert accordingly.

Video Analytics

With video analytics we can detect a wrong way driving vehicle, count how long a person is loitering, detect weapons, detect pipeline leaks, alert onsite staff, have a PTZ camera automatically follow a specific color of vehicle, and much more! Combined with facial recognition and our Access Control systems you can ditch the keys and have your facility fully automate doors to unlock as employees approach and alert if non-employees enter.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition can be used for multiple purposes. Combined with Video Analytics and Access Control, you can have keyless entry. With Video Analytics alone you can have the system detect the difference between employees or customers, detect if a blocked or banned person has entered your facility, verify access levels, and more.

Video Management Systems (VMS)

With our Video Management Systems solutions, we can connect multiple facilities from around the world. We can even connect multiple stations in a single community or facility without the use of internet. Combined with our Network Infrastructure, Access Control, and Video Analytics we can guarantee your community or facility will have the best surveillance available! 

Service and Maintenance Agreements

We have fully customizable Service and Maintenance Agreements to fit every clients needs.

Basic Plan

Starting at$50

Per Month

Includes up to 5 cameras and 1 NVR

Yearly Inspections/Cleaning

Monthly NVR and Camera Health Checks 

(Network Required)

Remote Access Tech Support Included

(Network Required)

Additional cameras increase monthly by $10

per camera, per month.

Advanced Plan

Starting at​$150

Per Month

Includes up to 15 cameras and 1 NVR

Bi-Annual Inspections/Cleaning

Rapid Repair Included

Bi-Weekly NVR and Camera Health Checks

(Network Required)

Additional cameras increase monthly by $10

per camera, per month.

Premium Plan

Starting at​$300

Per Month

Includes up to 30 cameras and 2 NVRs

Quarterly Inspections/Cleaning

Rapid Repair Included

Discounted Off-Site Footage Storage

(Network Required)

Weekly NVR and Camera Health Checks

(Network Required)

Additional cameras increase monthly by $5 per camera, per month

Additional NVRs increase monthly by $45 

per NVR, per month

Can't find an agreement that suits your needs? No worries! Speak with one of our IP Camera Systems Specialists to design a custom solution to fit your needs!