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Installation, service, and maintenance of network infrastructure for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Network Infrastructure includes the hardware and software of the entire network. This typically includes PCs, network switches, Access Points, software-based firewalls, hardware-based firewalls, routers, patch cables, operating systems, network management, wireless protocols, IP addressing, and much more!

Terminal Installation

Valkyrie Technologies can install and service computers, monitors, servers, and more! 

Access Points

Valkyrie Technologies installs and services Access Points that provide high bandwidth, large area Wi-Fi communications.

Cloud Storage

Valkyrie Technologies can install and maintain a nearly infinite cloud based storage in any residence or business!

Failover Switching

With cellular back up, Valkyrie Technologies can ensure you're never left without the internet. 

Load Balancing

Using two separate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with load balancing can increase bandwidth and optimize network performance

Using multiple components with load balancing instead of a single component may increase reliability and availability through redundancy.

VoIP Phone Services

With residential and commercial options available, you can ditch that old landline and opt for the latest and greatest in VoIP telephone technology.

Worried about your unreliable internet? Combine with our Backup Internet Services for greater peace of mind! 

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Each step up in package includes the benefits of the former!

Network Service Package

Starting at$25

Per Month

Additional fees may apply due to equipment type.

Warranty is extended to 2 years.

Includes quarterly network service and inspections!

Discounted Network Switch upgrades!

Discounted Access Point Additions!

Cloud Service Package

​Starting at$50

Per Month

Additional fees may apply due to equipment type.

Valkyrie Technologies Clients can elect to purchase this package for continuous monthly maintenance of their cloud storage.

Guaranteed service within 72 hours of issues reported

Continuous Cloud Maintenance!

Discounted cloud storage additions!

Advanced Maintenance Package

​Starting at$75

Per Month

Additional fees may apply due to equipment type.

Warranty is extended to 3 years.

Guaranteed service within 48 hours of issues reported

Rapid Repair Included!

Remote Access Tech Support Included

Premium Service Package

Starting at$100

Per Month

Additional fees may apply due to equipment type.

Warranty is extended to 5 years.

Guaranteed service within 24 hours of issues reported

Employee/Resident Discounted Alarm Monitoring

Discounted Product and Services.