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We accept a broad range of payments.

We accept all major credit cards, business checks, cashiers checks, and other forms of physical/electronic payment.

Unfortunately we no longer accept personal checks.


We ONLY accept cash in quantities of less than $5,000.00 anything more will require electronic tender.

Electronic Payment

We accept most major credit cards, apple pay, android pay, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.

Coming Soon! Ethereum

Valkyrie Technologies continues to add more capability and advanced measures to better assist our clients! Come back soon for more details on this exciting new addition!

Checks and Money Orders

We do accept commercial business checks and money orders.

Checks should be made out to Valkyrie Technologies, LLC

Other Methods of Payment

Though we are a technology company, and pride ourselves on providing the best in class technology available, we do accept more archaic forms of payment in special circumstances.

See Below for more details!

At Valkyrie Technologies we hold the highest standards of Integrity, Honor, and Honesty. 

We are a business comprised of Merchants, Tradesmen, Craftsmen, and Freelancers.


Valkyrie Technologies doesn't only accept money as a form of payment.

We can accept trades of product/services in exchange for equivalent value product/services. If the product or service is not equivalent in value, simply pay the remaining value to complete the barter.

Valkyrie Technologies is NOT obligated to accept any barter or trade. We will only accept a barter if the product or service is needed.


Valkyrie Technologies accepts silver coins and bullion as a form of payment. Transactions involving silver must be completed face to face and the silver tested for authenticity. The silver will be weighed and its equivalent current market value deducted from your bill.

We weigh the silver using the metric system (Grams 'g' and Kilograms 'kg') and process the current market value by weight accordingly.

If you wish to learn more about paying with silver, please call and speak with a Valkyrie Representative.

If you wish to pay with silver, please call and speak with a representative. and we will send a special invoice with details.