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Proprietary Tech and Services

Valkyrie Technologies provides the highest possible quality and standards of technology. When we can't find a product to fit our clients needs, we design and produce the tech and service needed. Unlike our competitors, we don't use cookie cutter systems and install actual custom solutions!

Valkyrie Uplink

Valkyrie Uplink is one of many proprietary services offered by Valkyrie Technologies. Using our own proprietary technologies and systems integration, we are able to detect vandalism, power surge, gate misalignment, and more! In most cases we are able to detect an issue and complete a repair before our clients even know of the problem. See below for a full list of features.

Current Features include:

  • Misalignment Detection. With Uplink enabled, our gate system can detect if your gate is misaligned due to gate malfunction or vandalism. Gone are the days of having to call the gate company and wait for a poor response. Misalignment is detected within minutes and with Rapid Repair, we are able to repair within 24 hours.
  • Gate Entry without cards, keys, tags, codes, and clickers. Just drive up to the gate and our system will recognize you and allow entry. Never again worry about losing or purchasing new cards or keys. Never again worry about sticking awful looking tags on your vehicle. Never again worry about replacing batteries in your clickers and transmitters. Never again worry about residents giving away their code effectively making the gate useless.
  • Forced Entry Detection. With Uplink enabled, our system will detect when a door or gate has been forced open without proper credentials. This allows for a much more rapid response to repair the damage and catch the vandals.

Features coming soon:

  • Vandalism Detection.
  • Surge/Lightning Detection.
  • Camera Outage
  • Network Loss
  • Power Loss

Rapid Repair

Rapid Repair is one of many proprietary services provided by Valkyrie Technologies. In most cases, once an issue is detected, the problem will be resolved within 24 hours of detection! This only applies to Valkyrie Technologies provided equipment. See below for the full list of covered devices.

Repairs covered by Rapid Repair:

  • Anything covered/Detected via Valkyrie Uplink
  • Gate Operators/Actuators
  • Gate Control Boards
  • Cameras
  • NVRs
  • Electronic Locks
  • Access Controllers

Weather Guard+

Weather Guard+ is one of many proprietary services provided by Valkyrie Technologies. With this service, our clients enjoy additional security in times of inclement weather. With Weather Guard+, our equipment is covered under warranty if damage is caused by lightning, heavy rain/flooding, hail, snow, and high winds (up to 100mph). We also provide a steep discount for repair and replacement for damages not covered under Weather Guard+ warranty such as F-1 or greater tornadoes and Cat-2 or greater hurricanes. See below for the comprehensive list of covered devices.

Products covered by Weather Guard+:

  • Anything covered/detected via Valkyrie Uplink and Rapid Repair.
  • Gate Operators/Actuators
  • Gate Control Boards
  • Access Controllers
  • Pedestals
  • Cameras
  • NVRs
  • Electronic Locks

We have more Coming!

We have more exciting additions coming soon! Come back often for updates!