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Valkyrie Technologies is the only company in the area to offer remote and backup internet capabilities. We have the technology to assist you with reducing down time when connectivity matters most! 

Cellular Internet Modem

Our Cellular Internet modems are the highest class technology available. We have the capability to provide Internet service to nearly any place on the US Atlantic Sea Board with the use of our amplification technology.

Fail-Over Switching

Local Internet providers got you down? Never worry about dropped internet connection ever again with our Fail-Over technology.


This capability balances network sessions like Web, email, etc. over multiple connections in order to spread out the amount of bandwidth used by each LAN user, thus increasing the total amount of bandwidth available. 

For example, a user has a single WAN connection to the Internet operating at 100mbps. Valkyrie Technologies provides a second connection operating at 50mbps. This would provide them with a total of 150mbps of bandwidth when balancing sessions.

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Monthly Service Unlimited Data

Starting At$50

Per Month

Utilizing Cellular CDMA Network

Low signal areas may require cell signal amplification