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Professional Network and Electronic Security Services and Installation for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications


Top Quality Technology Products and Services

At Valkyrie Technologies, we only use high standard equipment whenever we do our job. With our technology and experience, we are able to provide outstanding services for a very reasonable price. We serve residents, communities, small businesses, and large commercial chain stores in South Carolina and coastal Georgia.

IT Services

Valkyrie Technologies outsources IT services to our most trusted providers. We work with the IT providers to provide our clients with the best possible service imaginable.

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Installation, service, and maintenance of network infrastructure for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Network Infrastructure includes the hardware and software of the entire network. This typically includes PCs, network switches, Access Points, software-based firewalls, hardware-based firewalls, routers, patch cables, operating systems, network management, wireless protocols, IP addressing, and much more!

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Installation, service, and maintenance of nearly all types of cabling including but not limited to Category 6, Fiber Optic, standard copper, coaxial, Alarm, Audio/Video, telecom and more!

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High Speed Internet Services

Can't seem to get internet installed at a remote location? Having blackout issues causing you to lose your work or disconnect from your customers? Valkyrie Technologies may be able to help! We install, service, and maintain remote and backup internet services for limited applications. Other services include Load Sharing, Fail Over Switching, and more!

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IP Camera Systems

Our IP based camera systems are the best on the market. No other company can match our capabilities. From a simple residential small camera system to industrial scale and enterprise, we've got you covered. We can provide a system from 1 camera to 250+ cameras. Our camera systems don't have to be connected to the same network to work together, we can merge systems from around the world in a matter of minutes.

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We play well with others! Valkyrie Technologies enjoys working with other local businesses. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the needs of our community are met and clients are happy. We accept jobs from other small businesses whether the job is small or large, from pulling a cable to servicing an industrial camera system, Valkyrie Technologies can do the job. Valkyrie Technologies will provide at request, an affiliation submission to avoid jeopardizing existing working relationships.

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Solar Capabilities

Valkyrie Technologies is proud to offer products and services utilizing solar energy. We have products that can run off 100% solar for remote locations or locations where providing additional cabling for power isn't feasible. We have solar back up options to provide you with additional security in the event of a long term power outage.

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Future Services Soon to Comeā€¦

  •  Intranet
  • Proprietary Equipment and Devices

  • Affiliated Services

  • Vehicle Cabling and
    Electronics Installation
  • R/V Cabling and
    Electronics Installation 
  • Marine and Boat Cabling and Electronics Installation 

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