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Solar Capabilities

Valkyrie Technologies is proud to offer products and services utilizing solar energy. We have products that can run off 100% solar for remote locations or locations where providing additional cabling for power isn't feasible. We have solar back up options to provide you with additional security in the event of a long term power outage.

Solar Gate System

Our solar powered gate operators are best in class. During the day the gate can operate for 1,500 cycles and at night for 600 cycles. The amount of cycles can be increased with additional panels and batteries! Our solar capable gate operators are commercial grade and rated to last in even the toughest conditions! Combined with our top tier Service and Maintenance Agreements, we can extend your warranty up to 15 years! Click the button below for more info!

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Solar IP Camera System

For remote or scattered camera locations, our solar IP camera system capabilities has no comparison! 

For use at any location where running cable isn't feasible, our Solar Capable Camera Systems are up to the task!

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Solar LAN Network

If you have a remote location that you want internet but find in impossible to too expensive to hardwire your network connection?

No worries! With our Solar LAN Network we can connect the remote location to your existing LAN network, all we need is line of sight to a building with your existing network and line of sight to the biggest power source in the solar system. Our wireless LAN systems support up to 10gbps download and upload at up to 7 kilometers distance!

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Solar WAN Network

Don't have line of sight to your existing network? Maybe you don't have an existing network available or have a completely remote location devoid of technological life and want internet there.

Either way, we've got you covered! Combining our Solar Capabilities, Cellular Internet Modems, and Cell Signal Amplification you can have a strong internet connection in even the most remote locations!

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