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Website Design and Hosting

Valkyrie Technologies has the capabilities to provide our clients with the best looking websites available! We design websites to work flawlessly with desktop/laptop, tablet, and mobile!

We can design and host a website to fit your needs!

Clients already paying for one or more of our monthly services may qualify for free monthly website hosting!

Website Service Packages

Prices do not include consultation. At Valkyrie Technologies, consultation is always free.

Website Initial Design


One-Time Fee

After consultation, we design a website to fit your needs.

After the deposit you don't pay until you approve the website and we publish.

$50 non-refundable deposit required

Hosting Monthly


Per Month

Just simply hosting the website we designed for you.

Hosting w/ Monthly Maintenance


Per Month

Up to 10 changes per month

Monthly website maintenance and security checks

Hosting w/ Weekly Maintenance


Per Month

Up to 10 changes per week

Weekly website maintenance and security checks

Discounts on other Valkyrie products and services

Advertising on our website

Get $25 off monthly by authorizing Valkyrie Technologies Advertising on your website